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Best Car Color To Buy

In the world of automotive car colors, the chicken and the egg arrive simultaneously. In other words, vehicle color that consumers demand heavily influence which colors the manufacturers create. So why do we demand the colors we do?

There are many people in the car color business who spend a lot of time trying to predict what the hot color will be and they have many theories. Several say it's our affinity for technology that lures us to silver cars. Technology often is seen with brushed chrome cues on laptop covers and other electronic devices. Car buyers view silver as "new edge design".

The Monetary Value of Color

So you might ask, "Why does color matter?" Like many vehicle features, color plays an important role in the residual value of a car. Today's popular color generally makes your vehicle more popular to buyers five years down the road.

Top Three Overall Colors

Looking at the top overall popular colors in the U.S., for all vehicle categories, silver leads the way with white in close second, followed by black.

Silver - 23%

White - 15%

Black 12%

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