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Below are some frequently asked questions that we get from our customers.

What type of vehicles do we service?

We service all makes and models.  We have the ability and programs to allow us to service the vast majority of vehicles on the road today.  We even are known to repair boats, motor homes, and motorcycles.

How long have we been in business?

We opened our doors in June 1986 and have been serving the Grand Rapids area for over 36 years.

What services do we offer?

We take care of all your automotive needs.  We are a full service shop offering mechanical, body work, paint work, maintenance, and detailing.  Occasionally, we work with other local businesses when it comes subbing out some heavy duty transmission work and vehicle alignments.    

What type of parts do we use?

At Pro Am Collision & Mechanical we take pride in restoring cars back to their original condition.  Whenever possible, we use OEM factory parts of the highest standard.  We also work with many local suppliers for aftermarket and used parts.  This can come in handy if a customer is paying for a job out of pocket and wants to save money.  Parts are always discussed with customers when reviewing the needed repairs.

Do we do full restoration projects?

Due to being very busy with day to day work, restorations projects can't always be taken on.  We do take on a select few per year though as time permits.  If you have a restoration project, we are happy to discuss and see if it's something we have the time for or add you to the wait list.

What insurance companies do we work with?

We work with and are approved by all insurance companies.  We don't however participate in any direct repair agreements with insurance companies though.  This is because, our loyalty is to our customers and not the insurance companies.  This allows us to repair your vehicle to the highest of standards and not have to cut corners to save the insurance company money.  When your in an accident, you're free to choose whatever repair facility you as the vehicle owner wants.  

Do we do repair estimates?

We are always happy to do complimentary estimates for your repair needs.  We generally request bringing the vehicle to our facility so we can give an accurate estimate.  If this is too difficult, we sometimes are able to go over pricing on the phone as well depending on the job.  

Are our mechanics certified?

Yes, we have a team of very experienced ASE certified auto mechanics. We also require our mechanics to complete ongoing training each year.  

How to schedule a repair appointment?

If your car needs repair, we'd love to schedule an appointment with you either over the phone, in person, or on our online scheduler.  

Do we do custom paint jobs?

Over the years, we've taken on hundreds of custom paint jobs on cars, trucks, motorcyles, and boats.  From mild pinstrips to wild, we've done it all.

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