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Winter Is Early This Year....Make Sure Your Car Is Prepared!

It's not unlike Michigan to have an early winter snowfall, but it seems to catch people by surprise all too often. Keeping your car in tip top shape will help ensure you avoid some winter driving mishaps. Below are a list of things to make sure are done before the REAL snow gets here.

1) Are your vehicles tires worn out? One of the most common causes of accidents are balding tires. When your vehicle's tires are worn down, they lose traction, especially in the snow, causing you to slide when turning or coming to a stop. Stop on in and we are more than happy to check your tire tread depth for you and let you know if you need replacing soon. Other ways to keep tires from balding is to keep them inflated to the right pressure and remember to constantly rotate them to keep away from uneven ware.

2) Check your battery strength. Batteries ware out over time and the last thing you need is a dead battery when you go to start your car in a snow storm. It's very easy to check the strength with a professional battery tester. Furthermore, if you car is going to be sitting for a long period of time this winter, sometimes it's best to pull the battery out and keep it inside or hook up a battery tender to it occasionally to keep the charge up.

3) Remember to replace your windshield wipers and washer fluid. If you can't see good, it can lead to problems fast!

If you find yourself in need of preparing your car for winter or if you happen to have a fender bender, the team at Pro Am Collision & Mechanical has you covered in Grand Rapids. Let us be your car repair experts, you won't be disappointed!

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