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Entertaining Kids While On A Road Trip

Summer is here, and unfortunately, big vacations plans have been canceled for a lot of families. Luckily, there’s nothing like a family road trip to get out of the house. But because road trips involve extended time in the car, it can be tough to keep the kids occupied. Keep reading for some ideas to keep the kids entertained the next time you head out on a road trip!

First up is the ever-popular backseat movie theater for those with slightly older children. Your car may already have a build in dvd player in the back seat. If you don’t have this feature, portable DVD players built for the vehicle are available for a relatively low price nowadays. You can also consider downloading some movies onto your tablet or laptop for kids who are old enough.

Another option for some fun the whole family can enjoy are audiobooks. There are thousands of titles, authors, and genres to choose from, and many apps from which to download. You can share some of your favorite childhood books with your kids or let them pick out their own!

Other than having your kids listen or watch something, you’ll also want to have each child pick out a few little activities they get to bring along with them in the car. You can have them each pack a small bag full of books, simple art supplies, or some easy little crafts for them to use. They may even have a kid’s tablet or mp3 player. It doesn’t matter; half the fun is that it’s for them to choose!

You can play a variety of games while in the car for those who want to interact more as a family. Road Trip Bingo is a family favorite, along with Car Counting, the License Plate Game, or I Spy. The options here are endless, and you can even enlist the help of Google for more ideas. For the musically inclined, you can also play Car Karaoke! Splitting the family into teams or singing altogether is a surefire way to have some fun on the road.

No matter how you plan on keeping the kids occupied, we hope these ideas sparked some creativity to fuel your next road trip. Pro Am Collision & Mechanical in Grand Rapids would love to be your go-to auto body shop whenever you want an excellent, honest facility to repair your vehicle. We are here for all of your auto body repairs, paint jobs, full service mechanical needs, and auto detailing needs. We strive to be your one-stop auto shop and we work hard to provide you with an outstanding customer service experience! Our skilled technicians provide the best service in the area. Make your appointment today! We're located at 5285 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI. 49525. We look forward to your visit!

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