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Car Repair: Do You Have Brake Noise? What To Look For.

Besides the fact that brake noise can be annoying and embarrassing, brake noise when slowing or stopping can be a real danger. Below are some common reasons why your brakes may be squeaking.

Brake Rotors:

Brake rotors over time have a buildup of rust on the rotor or they may have rocks or debris stuck in the brake pads which contact the rotor. All of this can lead to noisy brakes. If this is the case, the noise is loudest when you apply the brakes.

Brake Pads:

Over time, brake pads wear down. If they are not changed regularly, it could lead to metal on metal contact when you apply the brakes. This causes a grinding noise and also can damage your brake rotors leading to more issues and costs. Sometimes, you can view the brake pads and see if they are worn down without having to remove your tires.

Wheel Bearings:

This is a less likely cause of brake sounds, but still is the culprit every so often. If you hear grinding from the area around your wheels and especially if you notice a vibration that gets louder or quieter during turning, it's likely a wheel bearing may be the issue.

Are you still not sure what the sound may be or need help fixing it? Come on down to Pro Am Collision where we specialize in all aspects of car repair in Grand Rapids.

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