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Don't Ignore It When You Hit a Curb

We've witnessed many of our customer's cars get damaged from hitting a curb. This happens much more often during the winter months when the roads are slick. It can seem like a small mistake, but it can inflict lasting damage on your vehicle. If you've hit a curb recently, we recommend contacting Pro Am Collision to take a look at your vehicle.

Even a light speed, 5-10 mph impact from a curb can damage your wheels and tires. When you hit a curb you can jolt the connection between your steering system and wheels. This damage can inhibit your ability to steer. A curb can also damage your car's knuckles, spindles, and axles, which upsets your car's control system and suspension.

As you can see, when you hit a curb, there are many different aspects of your car that can get damaged and is much more fragile than it appears. If you hit the curb recently, we encourage you to have us take a look at it and inspect it for safety. Call us at 616-363-9201 or book online to schedule your appointment. As always, feel free to stop in. We are located at 5285 Plainfield Ave. NE in Grand Rapids, MI 49525, just before the intersection of Plainfield and East Beltline. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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