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How Often to Change Your Oil

Ask someone and they will give you a different answer than the last person on this topic. Some will say it depends on whether it's conventional, semi-synthetic, or synthetic oil. With over 33 years in the automotive repair industry, we've seen our fair share of engine problems. So what's the best method when it comes to oil changes in our opinion? Change it often. Whether it be conventional or synthetic, it's important to keep the oil fresh. Synthetic oil generally gives an advertised oil life around 10,000 plus miles. But, the problem is, when you go that far between oil changes, you risk having dirty oil and tiny metal shavings from the engine wearing. These microscopic shavings can affect your engine over the long term. The absolute best thing you can do is use synthetic oil for 3,000 miles between changes. This can get pricey though. Because of this we generally recommend conventional oil every 3,000 miles. But, if you have any kind of high performance engine, it may be worth it to spring for the synthetic changes.

Stop on in today to Pro Am Collision & Mechanical in Grand Rapids for a full service oil change. We'd be happy to discuss what's best for your car. Call us at 616-363-9201.

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