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Barn Finds

We’ve all heard the stories about someone going into their grandparents’ barn to discover a rare classic car buried under a coating of dust and junk. One would think that by now, all those lucky finds would have been found, but they’re still cropping up. For instance, last year a one-of-a-kind 1969 Ferrari Daytona was found in a garage in Japan. The GTB/4, originally sold to a close friend of Enzo Ferrari himself, is the only remaining aluminum bodied example in existence. The odometer read 22,500 miles and it sold at auction in September 2017 for $2.17. Not bad for a car covered in dust and bird poop.

There are many more examples. Mad Lab posted an interesting YouTube video. Take a look here.

If you are lucky enough to have a barn find of your own, we at Pro Am Collision & Mechanical can help make it look new again. Call us or schedule an appointment online for mechanical repair, auto body repair, auto detailing, new tires, paint, and more.

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