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5 Tips on how to keep your car clean

We are all guilty of letting the cleanliness of your cars get away from us time to time. Here are just a few tips on how to keep your car clean and organized!

1. Trash Can

Placing a trash can in your car is the best way to keep your vehicle clean and organized. This will safe lots of time having to clean up and find and trash in your car that needs to go out but is always left behind and forgotten about. The best places to keep a trash can for your car would be between the two front seats and console, footwells, compartments and the floors. Just be sure to take it out when it gets full!

2. Keep Air Fresheners in Car

Keeping air fresheners in the car is the best way to keep your car smelling nice and clean. A pleasing aroma has a soothing impacted on the sense and keep you refreshed while driving.

3. Car organizer's

Even if you do/don't have kids the front and back of our cars always are a catch all and causes unwanted clutter. The best way to avoid and or minimize clutter is keeping an efficient seat organizers that can be used to store car games, kids toes, treats, accessories and more. Can easily be on the back seat of your car to avoid clutter in the vehicle.

4 .Clean spillage as soon as it occurs

Being sure to clean up anything that way drop down any spills or stains that happens. It is way easier to prevent permanent stains that can happen if letting them sit for too long. Always keep a microfiber towel and interior car cleaner in your car for any accidents that may happen.

5. Car Seat Covers

Having seat covers is the best way to prevent and protect your seat from stains or dirt. When the covers get dirty you can remove them, put them in the wash and they are good as new again. This is also very convenient to have and use if you have any pets as well to get a waterproof seat covers to prevent any muddy paws and fur that make it in your car and avoid any seat damages.


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